At 8:50 pm on Saturday evening, June 15th the Turkish police with the help of their plain clothes officers over ran the occupying protestors of Istanbul’s Gezi Park. After the initial attacks a few hours ago, the Governor of Istanbul Avni Mutlu said that only 29 people were “slightly injured” in the attacks which started because, Mutlu explained, “marginal leftist groups” attacked the police in Taksim Square.

Avni Mutlu

(Avni Mutlu)

However, all the reports we have seen indicate that the peaceful protestors in Gezi Park made no movements against the police. Also, the reports we are getting state that many more people than “29 people” were injured in tonight’s crack down on the protestors in Istanbul. The injuries are said to be of the “serious to critical” nature.

Sinan's foto

Here is a picture from facebook of a boy being carried into Divan Hotel behind Gezi Park this evening after the attack. Volunteer Gezi Park supporting doctors have reportedly set up a clinic in Divan Hotel.


While no one knows an exact causality number pictures have spread of vicious chemical burn attacks from the “tear gas” which would indicate that the Turkish police are using specialized chemical weapons against its citizenry. These reporters/bloggers was personally burned on our arms by a gas attack in the Harbiye District of Istanbul behind the Gezi Park as the police pushed into crowds shooting indiscriminate gas canisters and “noise bombs” at the crowd.

burn victim from police attacks in Taksim

(Above is a picture from this evening of a protestor who was reportedly burned from the tear gas shot by the police)

(Below is a picture of what appears to be buckshot wounds sustained by a protestor in this evening’s attacks)

Screen shot 2013-06-16 at 3.42.41 AM

To top all of this off police have reportedly entered Divan Hotel and are arresting the Gezi Park volunteer doctors. The police are also reportedly trying to close up the makeshift medical clinic which is proving services to the Gezi Park injured in the hotel.

police in Divan hotel, gas entering hotel, insisting on arrest of volunteer Gezi Park doctors


In a final chilling scene see a person on facebook shared pictures from this night or early morning of the scene of gas covering Divan Hotel.

people in divan hotel

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