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The police moved as an army against the crowd of protestors using batons and shields and tear gas and water cannons. For the police it was the march of the victorious. They shot tear gas directly into the crowd, washing […]

Okumaya Devam Ediniz...
Protestors in Taksim Park


One of the striking things about the revolt in Taksim Square's Gezi Park is the combination of formally opposed political groups. The secular nationalist Atatürkists have joined with

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Turkish “Muslim Leftists” on May Day

Recently the so called "Muslim Leftist" movement or "Green Left" has been growing among religiously minded progressive Turks. I visited my friend Kadir Bal and his friends -

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Knowing Spring Time in Kurtuluş LAST STOP

I desire to know this spring. Climbing at night the hill from Taksim and Dolapdere districts to my home neighborhood Kurtuluş LAST STOP I feel the hard night

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Egyptian Refugee/Immigrant in Istanbul

"Memo", 25, has been living on the edges of Istanbul society since last summer. He came in August of 2011 hopping to escape violence he had faced in


Protesting Garment Workers on Free Speech News Radio (FSRN)

In January 2012 in the Hey Textile Company 420 textile workers – most of them women – were fired without cause. They were not paid their wages for


On the Outside with African Refugees

We met them at one of the many cheap “Sulu Yemek” (“Watery Food”) restaurants. They were West African Refugees from Sierra Leone living undocumented lives in Istanbul. They


Istanbul, You Are Awake!

Today I walked across town, over the Ataturk Bridge which spans the Golden Horn and took these photos. The wind pressed hard on my face and I wore

Noel Baba

In Turkey Who Is Santa?

A few weeks ago during the Christmas season, Suleyman Yeniceri, a Turkish Müftü or Islamic Provincial Religious Leader gave a video talk on the Internet about what

Hasan 7

In Ramadan Festival Songs All the Same

A group of Turkish students and activists meet with impoverished undocumented Sierra Leone nationals in Istanbul during Ramadan. Joyous Sierra Leone and Turkish folk songs result. [vimeo clip_id="28037051" width="400"

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