Street Boys Out of Darkness

From under bridges and out of dark corners we have come to say no to a problem in society. Some of us have been assaulted without mercy by the police; and we live on the outskirts, rejected by all.


Even if this is so we don’t look at life with dichotomy, with a “you” and with an “us”


For “us” you are the ones who live in homes. For “you” we are the ones who live on the streets. So come together and let’s share as humans. You are us and we are you.


Let’s have you ask us for forgiveness for forgetting about us and alienating us and hiding your faces from the truths in society. And then let us ask you for forgiveness for creating dangerous streets and for disturbing you. Let us be good, polite and upright young boys.


However as much as your children are childlike we too are the same, the same children. But we grew up too fast. Too quick…


When you touch the cheeks of those children you love just remember that our faces were never caressed by those who loved us… they only beat us.

We are not rightists or leftists… We are the ones deep down, caught and rejected!


While you are carrying your loved ones we waited outside in the cold, under the bridges of Istanbul for your love.

But in the place of your love the city’s police came and questioned us. With the authority of hidden cameras, and we became targeted, known to the whole city as “the suspects.” We stayed away from trouble and told you we didn’t commit any crimes! But still you scapegoated us of being the one in the wrong when a crime was committed.

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While waiting for your love the Media came in your place and we:

Became the “Wild Animals” of the media.

By seeing our drug addiction to rubbing alcohol you decided to put on our shoulders all of your fears and discomforts.

Our shoulders were weighted down now.


You threw us to the hands of the State.

Which was true right!

after all we are not your children anyway. So if anyone is going to look after us poorly, of course let it be the State!…


So the “Father Government” came to us and took us in. But “Mother Government” never came and loved us.

There was no kindness, no mercy from our government.

Rules, bunk beds and projects that we “deserved”… that is what we got

You gave us all these materials but you couldn’t fix our souls.

Then you stepped back and said, “These children will never be real men!”


Hey people.

You create homes and places for us to stay. But we couldn’t breath there.

Do you know why we prefer living under bridges than in the closed homes the State made for us?

Our exteriors are strong, it is our insides which have been broken to pieces!

Forget out about our exteriors, Touch our hearts instead!

Ye humanity who hath lost your heart, whose soul has been knifed!

We have left our places under the bridges and come out into the light of downtown Istanbul to make our voices heard!


We have lived here in this city for years addicted to substances and alienated:

We don’t want to be beaten by the Istanbul Police anymore. While being taken to jail we demand that the Police act as mentors and leaders in our community so that if we are taken to jail they don’t beat us and treat us as criminal animals but instead as humans, as younger siblings who need a hand


Don’t leave us in the darkness of this city

We are very afraid of the dark!

We inhale rubbing alcohol to take away the fear and the pain of being alone in a black world. And then you call us rubbing alcohol “Huffers.” And then we return again to the darkness. And then and then and then you see us in the news, in the newspapers and your read and then and then and then we are finished.


Please don’t blacken your eyes with insensitivity and violence. Please don’t forget about us.


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