Newroz: Kurdish New Year

Speaking in Kurdish, a Kurdish man describes what “Newroz” or Kurdish New Year (March 21st) means to him. In Kazlıçeşme, İstanbul Kurds jump the traditional Newroz fire and celebrate their music and dance. Many of these activities were outlawed only a few years ago by the government in Turkey.

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"A Young Kurd" is originally from Diyabakir but like many Kurds he has come west to live in Istanbul. He can be reached at .

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  1. Ben söylüyor:

    I celebrate and respect all diversity, but never forgetting that we are all the same people

  2. Mariam söylüyor:

    Not to disrespect anyone but nowrooz is an Iranian tradition and it came originally from Iran.

    • Sean David Hobbs söylüyor:

      The tradition of Newrow or in Farsi “Nowrooz” comes from Iran but the holiday has affected all cultures in the region. “Newroz” or “Nowrooz” has become a permanent holiday in nations which took from Iranian and Persian culture. Kurdish culture and language are both intricately related with Persian/Iranian culture and language.

  3. Dan Jensen söylüyor:

    Kurds are Iranians. They have as much right to Noruz as any people.

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